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Daily Market Report Tuesday February 5, 2013

Another day another completely different tape? What was bearish yesterday is bullish today? Or is it? Clearly risk was on today. Though unlike yesterday the trend was less convincing in the sense of breadth (plus 1,400), a few FX products and commodities. But the market was up today. Support on the daily chart continues to [...]

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Daily Market Report Wednesday December 5, 2012

Certainly another interesting and volatile session. It’s also interesting to see the leadership change today. Pre-market TF (Russell futures) were up about 100 bp. They were followed by EMD (mid cap futures) and in third was ES (SPX futures). Then after the market decline into 11AM, it was ES who led the charge closing out [...]

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ISM Services September 2011

ISM services in September fell to 53.0 from 53.3 in August. Without digging into the report it’s best to explain this in really one simple chart. Look at the relationship below between sentiment and ISM services. Something that has correlated well since ISM services was first published in 2008 no longer correlates. In other words [...]

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