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Morning Brief Thursday September 13, 2012

Good Morning. Today is the day we get either a change to monetary policy or another threat to change. I could be wrong, but I believe we will not see a change to policy in regards to expanding the balance sheet. There could be a change to language for the duration of ZIRP, but my [...]

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Morning Brief Wednesday September 12, 2012

Good Morning. The long awaited FOMC, tw0-day meeting commences today. Seems every month there is a long awaited FOMC meeting. And every week a long awaited ruling, vote or summit out of Europe. Only thing that happens is nothing, which somehow convinces smart people, managing lots of capital, to risk it based on the word [...]

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Morning Brief Tuesday September 11, 2012

Good Morning. Quick update on the site. My host provider, GoDaddy, was apparently hacked and shutdown today. It had no impact on MacroStory beyond not being able to access the server and thus no site. Service may be spotty over the next few hours as it is fully restored. Apparently this affected customers nationwide. Again, [...]

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Morning Brief Monday September 10, 2012

Good Morning. If you read much commentary this weekend across various blogs, media outlets, etc the common belief is that QE3 will be launched on Thursday. Perhaps these forecasts are correct though I disagree (Macro View September 9, 2012). But what I find amazing is the argument for why QE3 will be launched is rather [...]

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Morning Brief Friday September 7, 2012

Good Morning. Today is the big day with the release of the August non-farm payroll. But if ADP was accurate (if), then the markets could be a bit confused today as to whether they should continue the Thursday rally or sell the “good news.” The odds of QE3 coming next week are extremely low. I [...]

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Morning Brief Thursday September 6, 2012

Good Morning. Today kicks off a week of central bank meetings and government votes with rather large implications for the capital markets. The ECB meeting began Wednesday and culminates on Thursday when Mario Draghi will announce his plan or plan of a plan to save Europe. Once again, Europe will be saved. But as discussed [...]

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Morning Brief Wednesday September 5, 2012

Good Morning. Apparently bad is good and really bad is really good, still. That never gets old. So “really bad being really good (or is it rally good)” means when ISM manufacturing contracts three consecutive months, which has not happened since the 2008 recession, the markets rally. At least the Russell can rally 1.25%. Absolutely [...]

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Morning Brief Tuesday September 4, 2012

Good Morning. Summer has officially ended and so have vacations. Hopefully that means the return of more trading volume. This is a big week of economic data with ISM manufacturing on Tuesday and then non-farm payroll on Friday. July ISM at 49.8 showed contraction in the manufacturing sector so Tuesday’s data is rather important for [...]

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