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Weekend Report Sunday February 9, 2013

We have a fairly light economic data week before us with a few Fed speeches scattered in. But the data that is coming out is January retail sales which is very important. It’s important in that many economists are anticipating accelerated growth in Q1 from the contraction in Q4. For this to happen the consumer [...]

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Weekend Report Sunday February 2, 2013

We have a fair amount of economic data this week though no where near the volume of last week. Consumer confidence and ISM services are the highlights. Confidence is important here to confirm if the recent plunge was an anomaly or the start of something bigger. Why we care about confidence was shown in this [...]

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Weekend Report Sunday January 27, 2013

We have an extremely heavy economic data week ahead of us. And I have a very lengthy weekend report including some interesting COT data in regards to SPX futures. A big contrast between ES and consolidated positions. So I’m leaving the opening commentary short here. Support levels to watch for Monday are as follows. And [...]

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Daily Market Report Monday January 21, 2013

US markets are closed on Monday but we do have foreign markets open and especially FX. There are some major strains in some more obscure currency pairs. Strains that are signaling a shift in risk may be closer at hand than many expect. On Tuesday there is an important announcement in regards to Japanese monetary [...]

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Weekend Report Sunday January 13, 2013

We have a very heavy data week before us with a focus on the consumer. Though it’s too early to see the rise in FICA taxes hitting the data, there is already some evidence of the negative impact it is having on consumer spending. But before we get to all that data we have a [...]

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Weekend Report Sunday January 6, 2013

This is a pretty critical week before us for market direction. And I think we can keep it very simple right here. We are either starting a new uptrend or we are not. I do not suspect we are, but the market will answer that question and likely this week. First, you don’t move 5% [...]

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Daily Market Report Thursday January 3, 2013

What should have been a non-event with the release of the December FOMC minutes instead became something that will be on the minds of many not just tonight but in the weeks ahead. Economic data is now important and FOMC meetings are something that will scare longs, no longer bears. I think it’s too premature [...]

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Weekend Report Sunday December 30, 2012

One more trading day in 2012, then a little rest and back to the grind come Wednesday. Similar to last week, MacroStory will be “taking a one day vacation” so after Monday’s market close report, the next report will be on Wednesday after market close. We will then resume “our regularly scheduled programming.” As of [...]

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